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Mon, 2 pm for that weeks publication

 ads received after this time will run in the following weeks publication


1) See ad description and price

2) Fill out information box and submit payment

      a) step 1: enter your information

      b) step 2: click to proceed to payment 

      c) setp 3: you can pay via PayPal or debit/credit card

3) Ads must be paid to run 

Please Note: Your Round-Up ALWAYS responds to ads received. If you do not hear from Your Round-Up within a few hours of submission (during regular business hours) - call 541-350-1123 or email to verify submission was received. Ads are not guaranteed to run until you receive an email directly from Your Round-Up confirming ad and payment were received. Email from Your Round-Up will confirm ad run dates.*


Email Address*

First 3 words in ad appear in BOLD*



 (DAYS of sale appear in BOLD)

When submitting be sure to include:

Dates of sale

Time of sale

Address of sale

If those are not included, the sale will run in the current publication for submission and Your Round-Up is not responsible for early or no shows due to missing information.

Select an item ($)


(ads must be paid to run - by Mon, 5 pm)*




Regular Classified 

(anything NON-business related)



each 30 word increment for 2 weeks

Help Wanted Ad



each 30 word increment for 2 weeks


Death notice only

 no charge 1 week (basic info) 

Obit NO photo

$12.50 each 75 word increment for 1 week

Obit WITH photo

$15 each 75 word increment for 1 week

must email or drop photo by office to be scanned in


Commercial Classified 

(using Your Round-Up to promote or highlight your business)



each 30 word increment for 2 weeks

Yard Sale Ad 


each 30 word increment for 1 week

* Run the week of sale

* Can run as "upcoming sale" - contact office for information

Contact office for rates on the following ads...cannot submit online:

• Display Ads

• Free/Lost/Found

**** photos and/or logos to be used must be emailed or dropped by office for Capri to scan in

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