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Your Round-Up Inc


HOURS: Mon, Wed, Fri: 9 am - 2 pm

                                    Tues: 8-11:30 am

                                    Thurs: 1-4 pm

Deadline: Mondays, 2 pm for that weeks publication -

unless otherwise posted this deadline will remain in place!

Ads/information received after deadline will run the FOLLOWING week

Your Round-Up Inc in Prineville is a free, apolitical and just-for-fun weekly advertiser filled with classified ads, display ads, community events and just-for-fun stories and tidbits. Think of it as the information highway for Crook County.

Your Round-Up Inc is the largest circulated paper in Crook County! Full color publications are available online plus more than 3,000 partially-colored issues are printed and distributed every Wednesday all around town. Mini-marts, grocery stores, restaurants and numerous other businesses around town.

Your Round-Up is the new name of what was formerly known as The Prineville Round-Up which was started in 2001. Through the years it has been a favorite and shared throughout Central Oregon and beyond. The farthest reported destination is Iraq, where it was mailed during the war! 

Capri C Williams purchased the business in 2020 and renamed it Your Round-Up. The Prineville Round-Up started out to provide affordable and effective advertising and be a fun community-based publication. Your Round-Up continues to provide all that with a new updated format.

If you have something to share, such as an original story or poem or a local event, or just a comment, send an e-mail! Enjoy!

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